Nashville Fashion Group

Charles Brown, head designer of Charles Lord, is a Nashville native who has been designing clothes consistently since 10 years old. Though this passion began in elementary school, it was in high school when Charles decided that fashion would be his life’s work and embarked on a never-ending journey of self –expression through fashion. From the history of fashion to marketing and journalism, Charles’ love and knowledge of fashion encompasses all these areas, and he puts that love and knowledge to use in his debut collection for Charles Lord, a couture apparel line that is sure to transform the way America relates to fashion and truly bring a quintessential sophistication back to womens fashion. His approach to design, production, and business is firmly rooted in the traditions of the Parisian Haute Couture, but has been tailored to meet the rapidly evolving nature and ever-widening scope of today’s fashion industry. What makes this all the more exciting is that this inspired, unique, and innovative designer has decided to establish himself and make his mark in the fashion world from right here in Nashville.

Nashville Fashion Group will be presenting Charles Lord’s debut collection in August so stay connected for more information.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of those who have submitted membership forms and paid the membership fee. As I stated awhile back, we are truly understaffed to deal with the massive response of interest in NFG and are working diligently to continue moving forward in building fashion in Nashville and offering great benefits to our members. If you have paid your membership fee, don’t worry we will make sure you receive maximum benefits for your enthusiastic response to joining.

We have been working on partnerships that will help us move forward in producing a fashion week in 2009. I will inform all members of these great relationships at our first members meeting that we are hoping to have by the end of the month.

Also, our online magazine will be launching soon and do not forget to pick up a copy of Nashville’s first all fashion magazine that will be hitting the stands in bookstores all over town, STYLE Magazine.

Thanks again, for your patience and I hope to see all of you soon! If you are looking for more up to date info, check out the progress pics at American Craftsmen and Sama Services, they are building our new studio!

-Robert Campbell