About NFG

About NFG

We are non-profit organization with a vision of developing Fashion in the city of Nashville by bringing together a community of fashion enthusiasts and aspiring professionals.

Our goal is to build a fashion scene that will ultimately enhance the social, economic, and cultural atmosphere of the city.

Our mission is to produce projects and events that place Nashvillians seeking to be in the fashion industry on a platform that ultimately helps them build a strong local clientele.

We plan to achieve this mission by bringing together a community of the industry professionals as well as the aspiring students in the area with an interest in modeling, photography, hair & make-up artistry, wardrobe styling, fashion design and any other industry related fields.

We believe the best way in making Nashville a more fashion-forward city is through the relationship building of its partners and members. If you are interested in becoming a member or partnering with us in bring fashion to Nashville, send us an email to: nashvillefashiongroup@gmail.com


ORGANIZES and PRODUCES fashion projects, presentations, and shows

DEVELOPS a platform for local designers to showcase their collections to the city and to boutique owners

OFFERS Creative Projects for Photographers, Stylist (hair, makeup, fashion), and Models- designed to enhance their portfolio

PROVIDES consulting for all individuals and companies looking to seek insight into a more fashion-forward demographic

All income generated through the NFG services is directly reinvested in the building and shaping of the social, economic, and cultural atmosphere of the city of Nashville and its fashion scene.